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Sweet tooth? Cure your cravings with the natural sweetener that is much better then processed sugar consumption. Bee good to yourself
Shield your immune system with the sweetness of raw wildflower honey. 1-2 teaspoons taken daily with help fight against allergies and boost your immune system to fight colds and viruses.
Benefits for skin health, my favorite face mask with pure raw honey from the farm. Antioxidants fight free radicals, decrease premature aging. Weight loss, sweet detox. Delicious, healthy
Wildflower raw local unprocessed honey is a great healthy treat for your breakfast with tea, coffee or yogurt. Enjoy the sweet flavor produced by bees of South Florida.
Bee Power!  Best part of beekeeping! Sore throat, cold remedy, sleep aid, acne, eczyma, stimulate metabolism. Delicious cuisine for bake and cook. Have great recipe.Joint pain? Cramping hands?  Back pain?  Add 1-2 teaspoons of raw wildflower honey.  It helps to keep inflammation at bay!

Wildflower Honey

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Wildflower honey has a mild floral flavor. The color changes from season to season based on the herbs and wildflowers the honey bees forage. 

Wildflower honey is best known to help battle seasonal allergies.  It also aids in boosting the immune system. It has great anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Add to yogurt, smoothies, cereal, toast, tea, coffee and milk.

Our wildflower honey is always raw, never pasteurized and always packaged in glass jars.

Made by the bees in Miami-Dade County, Florida. 


Note:  Children under the age of one years old should not consume raw honey.



Wildflower dark raw honey is delicious and healthy with bee pollen granules content in it. Seasonal allergies natural remedy.