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Saw Palmetto natural healing remedy known for millions of years. It is great to use for any recipe, or a drizzle on breakfast yogurt or smoothie
Saw Palmetto raw honey from bees to your healthy table can support testosterone levels, decrease enlarged prostate, heal asthma. It is very reach in fatty acids and phytosterols.
Benefits of saw palmetto pure natural honey are: dht blocker, asthma, minerals, vitamin. Great processed sugar alternative.
Benefits of raw organic unheated honey are great. Boost levels, sex performance, testosterone.

Saw Palmetto Honey

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Saw Palmetto Honey is thought of as a hidden treasure in the Sunshine State. It is becoming more rare due to over development in Florida. 

The berries from the Saw Palmetto palm have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, especially for prostate health.  Saw palmetto honey has a high content of live enzymes, vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids. It can aid in digestive health and building the immune system. 

Saw Palmetto honey helps in healing and keeping skin youthful. 

It has a full bodied, caramel taste with fruity notes.

Our saw palmetto honey is always raw, never pasteurized and always packaged in glass jars.

Made by the bees in Osceola County, Florida. 

Note:  Children under the age of one years old should not consume raw honey.