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A treasure to central and northern Florida!  Raw Gallberry Honey packs a punch of live enzymes and vitamins A & C to every teaspoon!  Help keep your body healthy with nature's number one sweetener!
Great way to sweeten up your morning coffee!  Raw Gallberry Honey.
A perfect early evening snack. Fresh berries, soft creamy Brie topped off with the added sweetness of raw gallberry honey.

Raw Gallberry Honey

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Gallberry is sourced from a small evergreen bush also known as the inkberry, has a rich and elegant taste. Loaded with bee pollen, live enzymes and vitamins A & C. It is low on the glycemic index.

Raw Gallberry Honey is ideal for baking, cooking and grilling.

Made by the bees in Northern Florida.


Note:  Children under the age of one years old should not consume raw honey.


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