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BPH is an essential daily maximum nutrition supplement straight from the worker bees in Florida.  Used for centuries, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and raw honey blend in BPH Power have helped fight against diseases, allergies, asthma, common cold, skin problems, digestive issues, etc.  BPH supplement helps support a healthy immune system with echo-rich vitamins (complex B, A, C, D  & E), minerals, amino acids and live enzymes.  Help your body and mind stay strong, energized and healthy.
BPH Power immune system boost, fights free radicals, decrease premature aging. Strong antibiotic, keep your skin smooth, supple. Naturals from beekeepers

BPH Power - Superfood from the Hive

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Take Your Health Seriously!

Maximize your health in one step a day. Florida's Finest BPH Power is rich in protein and provides the body with vital nutrients.

Packed full of amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and live enzymes.

BPH Power balances the body and mind. Its liquid form is easily absorbed and digestible.



BPH Power combines the power of Raw Honey and Bee pollen ultimately making it one of nature’s best Superfoods.


    • Sleep Aid 
    • Curbs Hunger
    • Rich in Protein 
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Fights Free Radicals
    • Fights Premature Aging
    • Easy to Absorb and Digest 
    • Reduces Seasonal Allergies 
    • Relieves Stress and Anxiety
    • Supports the Immune System
    • Provides Amino Acids, and Minerals
    • Balances the Body's Metabolism
    • Boosts Strength, Energy and Stamina
    • Increases Mental Perception and Focus
    • Delivers Vitamins, Antioxidants and Live Enzymes
    • Contains Aspartic Acid Which Rejuvenates the Body



Antioxidants work to flush free radicals and accumulated metals from your body. Detoxifying your body is a vital part of being healthy. Overall, detoxing also contributes to healthier outward appearance. It fights against premature aging and supports healthier hair, skin and nails.



The vitamins and minerals combined in BPH Power aide in increasing energy.  BPH Power Boosts Strength, Energy and Stamina. It also contains aspartic acid which helps in rejuvenating the body. And it helps balance the body's metabolism.



The B-vitamins in BPH Power aide brain function and the nervous system. Its B-vitamins add mental alertness and reduces fatigue. This provides you with mental clarity.



It’s important to understand that the B vitamins in BPH Power offer a natural anti-stress effect throughout the brain and body. By balancing the body’s dietary needs, BPH Power helps to ease tension, nervousness, nausea and sleep disorders.



As humans, our bodies naturally burn fat, fight off diseases, build muscles, stimulate the brain and provide continual energy. This is when our bodies are operating at optimal levels. In order for that to happen, we must provide our bodies with all the nutrients it needs.

Our products provide real nutritional value the body needs to be healthy and function at maximum levels. BPH Power is a RAW SUPERFOOD blend that provides all this in liquid form to be easily absorbed.


A few of the Top Benefits of honey mixed with bee pollen:   

It’s Easy To Use

Recommended daily dosage:

During the first week: start with a 1/4 of a teaspoon. 

Week two: 1/2 of a teaspoon. 

Week three and forward: one whole teaspoon every day before breakfast.

Disclaimer: Anyone allergic to honey or bees should also avoid Bee Pollen. Diabetics and children under the age of 3 should also avoid bee pollen and consult a doctor.

Get Healthy Nature’s Way

 Fight seasonal allergies with powerful superfood from the hive tupelo honey blended with bee pollen. Healthiest natural sweetener.

BPH Power

Raw Honey and Bee pollen are both superfoods on their own but when brought together in this special blend, they are supercharged. Both individually possess impressive medicinal benefits in addition to therapeutic properties. Such a combination of Raw Honey and Bee Pollen produces an innovative food item through properties which exceed many others.  


Bee Pollen

Bees collect pollen from plants, they mix it with a small dose of nectar, then store it in baskets which are located on their rear legs. Once the pollen is collected, bees bring it back to the hive. The hive is where bees pack it in honeycomb cells. Bees cover the surface of the collected pollen with a thin layer of honey and wax, creating the substance known as “bee bread.”

Its nutrient density is very beneficial to the human body. Possessing anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, B-vitamins, and a complete protein, it can improve vitality and build immune systems.


Raw Honey

Raw honey has a long track record as one of mankind's oldest known foods. It preserves better than any other food item on earth. It naturally encompasses enzymes and nutrients that carry a wide array of valuable medicinal health benefits.

Blending bee pollen with honey preserves its natural state, shielding the important minerals and vitamins originate in pollen. The Raw Honey also assists the body in easily absorbing the pollen. 


BPH Power delivers you the energy, focus, immunity boost, and stamina you’ve been looking for. This supercharged superfood can help you be a healthier you. 


BPH Power offers high protein and vital nutrients for your body. With all 22 amino acids, important minerals, free radical fighting antioxidants, vitamins and  live enzymes, BPH Power helps to balance the metabolism and mind.

Let's review health benefits of honey such as Tupelo, Orange Blossom, Clover, bee pollen.