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  Best pancakes, perfect mix!!!                       


 Beehives are ready for a season for orange blossom honey very healthy                  








              Brea cheese gallberry raw organic unprocessed unfiltered unheated honey



bee pollen royal jelly florida raw organic manuka honey wildflower allergies honey comb beekeeper non gmo healthy breakfast              bee pollen royal jelly florida raw organic manuka honey wildflower allergies honey comb beekeeper non gmo healthy breakfast tea coffee







Local organic raw unheated honey from beekeeper to your table wildflower, rare avocado, gallberry, orange blossom and our specialty bee pollen and raw honey blend with royal jelly propolis, honey comb is our favorite                   beehives are ready for bees for raw organic non gmo unheated unfiltered gallberry orange blossom honey comb and honey


dietary supplement against anti aging, low on glycemic index, loaded with vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants, live enzymes, sleep aid                   beekeeper pee pollen honey comb wildflower orange blossom raw organic unheated crystalized honey from Florida 


substitute sugar with health benefitting raw local orange blossom, gallberry, saw palmetto, wildflower, avocado, tupelo clover honey from Florida            Florida's Finest Raw Honey


Dog Bob loves raw organic honey against skin allergies and soo sweet. Pet friendly sweet treat.                  Art festival st pierce south florida event local healthy honey vendor


Art festival selling local healthy organic raw honey with honey comb from beekeeper to your health                  Try local wildflower, avocado, orange blossom raw honey and honey comb, unheated, unfiltered. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants along with good consistency of bee pollen, propolis in honey. 


bees wax honey comb loaded with bee pollen, propolis, tons of vitamins, anti oxidants, minerals, very BEElicious!               Bee loved our hand made beehive ready for festivals in south florida to offer to the community the great benefits of raw honey, best substitute of sugar


 Beehive with avocado, gallberry, saw palmetto, wildflower, orange blossom raw honey and our specialty bee pollen and honey blend, the powerhouse of nutrients                Coconut grove Art Festival Great Crowd, Great Mood, Great Time! 


Wildflower organic unheated unfiltered non GMO Florida honey, wax seal as a stamp of quality               Yellow Green Farmer's Market great attitude, great offers on all honey


Delray Affair 2018 bee pollen and raw honey blend is a powerhouse loaded with vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants, live enzimes and much much more!                   Beehive handmade and painted to participate at south Florida festivals to offer great substitue of sugar, raw local honey and nutritious supplement.


 Beekeepers beehive hand painted to fit into the South Florida Pirate festival.                    

Delray Affair 2018. Bee pollen and raw honey blend is our specialty, it is strong!                   west palm beach farmers market 2018


Key West lobster festival 2018 featuring the healthiest desert - raw organic honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis from beekeeper                   Key West Lobster Festival 2018. Samples of rare gourmet raw honey- Avocado, Saw Palmetto, Gallberry, Tupelo, Buckwheat, Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Clover, Acacia with loads of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and much more


Key West Festival 2018. Featuring Orange Blossom healthy honey in glass Bear jar, great as a gift, wedding favor, bridal shower.                   Orange Blossom healthy organic raw honey with large bee pollen in it.  Some jars with honey comb in glass Bear jars, perfect as a gift, wedding favor, baby shower and other party.


Say no to processed sugar. Substitute to raw healthy honey. Treat your body wright, not just your sweet tooth.                   Rare Avocado organic dark colored honey with antioxidants, live enzymes. Best nutritioun supplement for boost energy, reduce stress, strengthen immune system, helps with weight loss


South Florida Lobster Festival great fun and entertainment. We treat sweet tooth with healty benefitting honey, bee pollen, honey comb, propolis.                   Festival in South Florida. Orange Blossom in Bear glass jar was liked by many customers, especially the taste!  Substitute honey for sugar.


Wildflower and Orange Blossom healthy organic honey are the best choice to substitute from processed sugar. Treat your body wright!  Great gift, wedding favor, bridal shower jars with sealed wax and ribbon                   Say no to processed sugar!  Substitute to raw organic health benefitting honey from bees to your table