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Makes for a lovely house warming gift, wedding bridal or baby shower.
Recommend pre and post work-outs! 1-2 tsp raw orange blossom honey to 12oz of water, splash of fresh lemon, mix well, add ice. 100% healthier than the  artificial sports drinks!
Best home remedy to cure many health problems, arthritis help. High on antioxidants. Could be a gift for any occasion including wedding. No need for Manuka there is local health benefitting raw honey.
substitute processed sugar with raw organic honey with propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen granules. Full of health benefits such as: energy, immunity, digestive.

Orange Blossom Honey

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A very popular honey, orange blossom is a highly prized table honey with a light and sweet citrus taste.  A great addition to waffles, pancakes, sweetening a smoothie or cup of tea, plain yogurt or oatmeal.

For centuries raw orange blossom honey has been used by athletes to boost their energy.  It can help athletes improve their recovery time due to its ability to assist the body in maintaining its glycogen levels.

Healthy minerals found in orange blossom honey are:

zinc, boron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, selenium, copper and potassium

Our orange blossom honey is always raw, never pasteurized and always packaged in glass jars.

Made by the bees in Lake County, Florida.

Note:  Children under the age of one years old should not consume raw honey.