Get 25% off with code: HEALTHYHONEY

Get 25% off with code: HEALTHYHONEY

A perfect early evening snack. Fresh berries, soft creamy Brie topped off with the added sweetness of raw gallberry honey. Total phenolic content as in Tupelo honey, manuka.
As Tupelo raw organic honey the Gallberry honey has similar health benefitting features. Low on glycemic index, may be used in small amounts for diabetic. Manuka.
Central Florida honey farm from bees work and beekeeper control. Try Gallberry organic pure honey with health benefits with low glucose content. May cure asthma.
Great way to sweeten up your morning coffee!  Raw Gallberry Honey could be compared to Manuka and Tupelo honey with its health benefitting properties such as high amount of diastase, levulosela, powerful phenolic content.

Raw Gallberry Honey

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Gallberry is sourced from a small evergreen bush also known as the inkberry, has a rich and elegant taste. Loaded with bee pollen, live enzymes and vitamins A & C, high level of diastase, levulosela and total phenolic content. It is low on the glycemic index, comparable to Tupelo Honey.

Raw Gallberry Honey is ideal for baking, cooking and grilling.

Made by the bees in Ocala National Forest, Lake County, Florida.

 Note:  Children under the age of one years old should not consume raw honey.