Get 25% off with code: HEALTHYHONEY

Get 25% off with code: HEALTHYHONEY

Best home remedy to cure many health problems, arthritis help. High on antioxidants. Could be a gift for any occasion including wedding.
Avocado unpasteurized honey has great nutritional properties, could be compared to other honey such as Manuka, Tupelo, Wildflower, Orange Blossom
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Raw Avocado Honey

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Raw Avocado honey is rich in color with a smooth and buttery taste. Loaded with antioxidants that help fight off damaging free radicals. It has a potent mood-boosting effect, stimulates the immune system, helps support energy, relieves stress.

Great for soothing sore throats and upper respiratory infections.

Made by the bees in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

*Due to Hurricane Irma, many avocado trees were damaged, lessening the supply of our rare raw avocado honey. 

Raw honey is a natural product that can be different in color and taste from each batch.

Note:  Children under the age of one years old should not consume raw honey.