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7 Health Benefits of Our Bee Pollen & Honey Blend

Bee pollen mixed with raw honey is one delicacy that offers many astounding therapeutic benefits. From the heart of Florida, we present one of the most exciting blends of raw honey and bee pollen. We nurture our bees and harvest honey with very limited artificial processing. Without heating or filtering, we are able to deliver one of the finest grades of raw honey. What you get from Florida’s finest bee pollen and honey is a product that is fortified with essential ingredients and nutrients for that inimitable taste of matchless quality that invigorates your body and overall health. Florida’s finest bee pollen and honey blend is not just a mere task or operation but a culture that is driven by...

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8 Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee pollens are produced by young bees when they drop on a flowering plant in form of ball pollen. It is a combination of various compounds that include pollen, saliva, and also nectar or honey. Bees are capable of carrying these balls in the hive in bags on their feet and store them in the hive’s honeycomb. This Pollen is then fermented into "bee bread", which feeds the bee colony. Beekeepers collect pollen from bees by holding a thick comb at the entrance of their hives. When bees crossover, the tick comb knocks the pollen from their feet into a connection bin placed below. The bees then go out to collect more pollen. 8 health benefits of bee pollen Bee...

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Save The Bees!

Florida’s Finest Ray Honey is committed to the preservation of the bee population. A portion of each sale is donated to Planet Bee Foundation.

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Be Good To The Earth, Be Good To Yourself.

 It is our goal to carefully select only the finest honey harvested from local hives in south Florida. We are consistently focused on quality. Our honey is never heated or filtered, with no additives or preservatives. All the rich goodness of flavor and natural nutrients are jarred from the hive to you. Our newly redesigned label and jars reflect our pride and confidence on our product. For all your honey needs, make Florida’s Finest Raw Honey your go-to choice!

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