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Bee Good To The Earth! Bee Good To Yourself!

SAVE THE BEES Florida’s finest is committed to the preservation of the bee population. That is why a portion of each sale is donated to Planet Bee Foundation. Bee health is crucial to our ecosystem, bee pollen plays an important part, that’s why we choose to take a stand and Save The Bees. Our raw, organic and eco-friendly products combine both raw honey and bee pollen and all of their collective nutrients. Our Bees Are Vanishing Entomologists are investigating the vast dying off of bees occurring around the world. The present rate of bee death in managed hives in 2016 was 44%, according to a survey conducted by the Bee Informed Partnership (sponsored by the USDA). This is alarming considering...

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Apple cider vinegar and raw honey is a mixture that combines two natural products with varied health benefits into one with unparalleled health benefits. In their individual forms both raw honey and apple cider vinegar boast of a variety of health benefits including: Apple Cider vinegar Improved digestion Relief from constipation A boost in energy levels increased concentration weight loss Raw Honey Treats and prevents inflammation Helps alleviate digestive problems Soothes a sore throat Rich in phytonutrients When these two natural substances are used together, they create a health force to be reckoned, with in terms of the health benefits. When used on a daily basis, this mix has the ability to change the overall quality of your life. How...

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Huge Benefits of Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is distinct for being a seasonal kind of honey. The flowers of the tupelo gum tree bloom for only three weeks every year. Also called Queen Honey, this honey is found in river basin areas of Florida – Apalachicola and Chipola. This article will provide insight into the many benefits of tupelo honey.    What is Tupelo Honey? Tupelo honey is farmed in the Florida panhandle, on the tupelo gum tree. The flowers of this tree, especially the white and green blossoms which the bees feed on, often require very good weather. They bloom within three weeks and harvest lasts for a brief period. In a year, harvest may occur just once or twice, leaving farmers with only one...

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