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Tupelo Honey - Some Fun Facts

  What Is Tupelo Honey The tupelo gum tree grows abundantly beside the Apalachicola and Chipola rivers of northwest Florida. Tupelo honey is a product of the tupelo tree.  ...

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Why Wildflower Is Best for Pesky Seasonal Allergies

  Allergy suffers who deal with seasonal environmental allergies, know the struggle of a relentless runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, or a pesky cough. Natural remedies can help control...

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Finest raw honey in Florida

Florida can offer some of the finest raw honey in the world. As an established region for local honey our company, Florida’s Finest Raw Honey is one that is focused...

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How Raw Honey Benefits the Mind and Body

Based on research, the average American consumes over 120 lbs of sugar. Sadly, excessive sugar intake is responsible for many health problems. However, when you substitute sugar with raw honey,...

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