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Raw Honey or Regular Honey?


Honey hype now a days seems to be everywhere. This ancient golden sweet treat has been around for centuries, used medicinally and in many other ways. Honey can be bought just about anywhere groceries are sold. Don’t get caught up in the hype without educating yourself first. Not every honey jar in every store is created equal. Raw honey or regular honey, what’s really the difference? Isn’t honey just honey?

Raw Honey - What Is It?

Raw honey is produced from honeybees as a sweet liquid. This is done by utilizing be pollen and concentrated flower nectar. Real raw honey would be classified as honey that has come directly from the beehive. In this form it is a sweet and potent superfood. The honeybee, one of the earths most amazing creatures, makes this possible. It’s not processed, pasteurized, or heated.  

Regular store-bought honey is pasteurized, heated and over processed to look more aesthetically pleasing on a shelf. So, this means regular honey doesn’t have traces of bee pollen, live enzymes, or any nutrients. Once raw honey is ultra-filtered and pasteurized, all the great benefits and qualities are gone.

Approximately 75% of Honey Sold at Grocery Stores is not Pure Raw Honey.

While shopping, you might not recognize that you are buying fake or poor-quality honey. Pasteurization obliterates lots of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals found in honey. Therefore, its nutritional value is practically nonexistent.

Regular honey is basically "commercial" honey, easily available and has been pasteurized to make bottling and filtering easy. It also makes the honey appear clearer and smoother. This process also eliminates the antibiotic and antioxidants properties naturally found abundantly in real raw honey. The ultra-filtering even removes pollen.

Some store-bought regular honey might even contain high fructose corn syrup in it!

When you add it all up, who really wants nutrition-less honey?

Honey to choose from, all unprocessed, unheated, carries all nutrition contents that our body needs.

The Debate on Raw Honey & Regular Honey

Health wise, it’s always the better option to purchase honey from organic sources such as from beekeepers or bee farms.  At least then you know the honey and the source. Raw honey holds so many benefits and healing properties that it doesn’t make sense to buy fake honey. The definite distinctions between regular and raw honey, for instance taste, texture, color and aroma are all apparent. There is no getting around it.

Raw honey trumps regular honey any day of the week. Raw honey possibly will contain traces of honeycomb, pollen and those yummy little sugar crystals. Add that to its many healing and therapeutic properties, it wins every time.

Its natural antibacterial and medicinal properties help to heal, suppress coughs, cure sore throats, and fight free radicals. So why wouldn’t you choose raw honey over regular honey?  Your body will thank you in the long run.



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