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Huge Benefits of Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is distinct for being a seasonal kind of honey. The flowers of the tupelo gum tree bloom for only three weeks every year. Also called Queen Honey, this honey is found in river basin areas of Florida – Apalachicola and Chipola. This article will provide insight into the many benefits of tupelo honey.   

What is Tupelo Honey?

Tupelo honey is farmed in the Florida panhandle, on the tupelo gum tree. The flowers of this tree, especially the white and green blossoms which the bees feed on, often require very good weather. They bloom within three weeks and harvest lasts for a brief period. In a year, harvest may occur just once or twice, leaving farmers with only one option – waiting till the following year.

Farmers of Tupelo raw honey are experienced and meticulous in farming this kind of honey. In fact, tupelo gum trees are mostly found around these river basins. And the rivers run through the Gulf County. Beekeepers place beehives on elevated platforms along the rivers’ edge. These trees are, therefore, exceptional as they receive the best soil and water from these rivers. Other honeys are not manufactured like tupelo honey because it has more liquid and does not go through any filtration process.

When compared to other kinds of honey, tupelo honey is organic, lighter, and milder. Its glucose content is highly minimal unlike many others and it has higher fructose content. More so, it’s a perfect choice for tea and has many healthy properties. When buying original tupelo raw honey, you’ll observe its color (light amber) and non-crystalizing nature.

Tupelo raw honey has immense benefits, and we provide raw unprocessed, unheated honey with numerous health benefits. Diabetics can also enjoy this honey because of its low glycemic index and mildly sweet taste.

6 Benefits of Tupelo Honey

To get the best of tupelo honey, you need to ascertain that it hasn’t been processed or exposed to heat of whatever kind.

  • Delicious Taste – The mildly sweet taste of tupelo honey makes it a syrup substitute for cupcakes, cheese, ice cream or sauces. Diabetics can take this to satisfy their craving for sweet things.
  • Easily Digestible – Because of the high fructose to glucose ratio, tupelo raw honey digests quicker and diabetics can benefit from this.
  • Energy Source – Athletes who need energy quickly can take tupelo honey because it improves their performance by many hours.
  • Weight Loss – Its antioxidant properties aid weight loss and reduce the accumulation of fat.
  • Injury Treatment – The antibacterial content of tupelo honey make it a trusted healer for wounds and cuts.
  • Durable – Tupelo raw honey remains in liquid form for many years. Hence, you can preserve it without the fear that it will crystalize.

In all, Tupelo honey is a preferred choice for many people who know its value. The fact that it is labor-intensive contributes to its premium price. Yet, when you care about your health, you do everything possible to consume only health-benefiting products. So, it’s high time you began to enjoy the benefits of tupelo honey.

Florida's Finest Tupelo Honey gives a tasty and healthy experience. At the price of $20.00, you can relish the irresistible taste of raw honey.

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