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Endangered Plants and Bees

Save the Bees!

As humans we seek, conquer, build and repeat. Everyday lands are being cultivated and at the same time other lands are being turned into strip malls or housing. This forces the lands natural inhabitants to be disrupted and displaced. Florida’s bees are being endangered everyday as Flatwoods and other flora resources are being destroyed.

Florida is home to numerous bees. Unfortunately, seven species of bees are now officially listed on the endangered species list.

There is no denying that bees are not protected as they should be. Being as they are so important to our already fragile ecosystems this needs to change. This must change. Plants like the saw palmetto and gallberry are endangered due to massive construction in Florida. These plants play a vital role in the production of the healthiest and sweetest raw honey. Honeybees that use these plants as a resource produce this sought-after honey. These plants are close to being extinct. Not only is this honey a hit with the locals, it was treated as a prized healing desert by native Indians.

Where Do These Endangered Plants Grow?

Northern Florida is essentially covered in Flatwoods that are defined as being open woodlands full of trees, mostly pines. Southern Florida have Flatwoods that are more like savannas. This type of Flatwoods is characterized as being between forest and grassland.

In these heavily wooded and shrouded areas, plants like the endangered saw palmetto and gallberry are only two of the plants destroyed by human intervention. Other vegetation includes:

  • Red Maple
  • Water Oak
  • Live Oak
  • Blueberries / Heath
  • Dwarf Live Oak
  • Wax Myrtle
  • Fetterbush

Our bees are losing resources. This is a major contributor to colony collapses. Every year the numbers are astounding of how colonies die out due to factors such as losing important resources.

Here’s Something To Think About.

Around the world, approximately 75% to 80% of all flowers depend on bees and other types of insects to yield seeds. When it comes to pollination, we heftily depend on the amazing bees for help.

Other things can also contribute to the decline in bees. Things like pesticide, parasites and even disease. In a perfect world, bees would pollinate all fruiting crops so that use of harmful things like synthetic fertilizers isn’t necessary.

How can we help protect our bees and their precious environments? We can start by educating ourselves on this issue. Join a local organization. Be proactive. Bees impact our ecosystem in a major way. It isn’t just about the sweetest honey treasured by the native Indians, its about a sustainable way of life.

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