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Bee Good To The Earth! Bee Good To Yourself!


Florida’s finest is committed to the preservation of the bee population. That is why a portion of each sale is donated to Planet Bee Foundation . Bee health is crucial to our ecosystem, bee pollen plays an important part, that’s why we choose to take a stand and Save The Bees. Our raw, organic and eco-friendly products combine both raw honey and bee pollen and all of their collective nutrients.

Our Bees Are Vanishing

Entomologists are investigating the vast dying off of bees occurring around the world. The present rate of bee death in managed hives in 2016 was 44%, according to a survey conducted by the Bee Informed Partnership (sponsored by the USDA). This is alarming considering the honey bee is responsible for pollenating our crops and other flora.

Honey Bees and Bee Pollen

Let’s face it, honey bees are a crucial part in maintaining our ecosystem. Bees work to keep our earth and crops healthy. The Honey bee is one of the most efficient pollinator species found on earth. Taking into account that one honey bee actually visits over 2,000 florae daily, substantially increasing the likelihood of those plants yielding a fruit or vegetable.

If honey bees suffer, agriculture suffers. Which is why beekeepers work to keep bees healthy in bee farms. Keeping them healthy and happy increases to production of honey which is in itself a raw food with numerous health benefits.

Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony Collapse Disorder, also known as CCD , stems after the bulk of worker bees inside of the colony vanish, leaving behind a queen and young bees. There is only food in addition to nurse bees left to care for the queen and the remaining immature bees. However, hives are not able to sustain themselves when there are no worker bees. Hives without worker bees eventually die. This pattern results in Colony Collapse Disorder.

Honey Bee Decline

There are numerous theories on the origin of CCD. Studies show pattern of factors cause the decline in bees. These reasons include:

  • Parasites and Diseases.
  • Insufficient Nutrition.
  • Acute Pesticide Poisoning
  • The Varroa Mite (A Honey Bee Pest).
  • Stress From being Transported from Location to Location.
    (Cross-Country for Pollination Purposes.)

The Power of The Honey and Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is in fact one of nature’s most well-balanced organic foods. Full of nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and proteins, our Bee Pollen and Raw Honey products employ the beneficial elements of both bee pollen and honey. This doubles its superfood power. Its nutrient density is very beneficial to the human body.

Save The Bees

The honey bee is responsible for pollenating our crops. This means that bees are important to anyone dependent on fruits and vegetables and other plants. Help Florida’s Finest support The Plant Bee Foundation and all their hard work in educating the world of the honey bee’s plight. We have to find innovative and groundbreaking methods to protect honey bees and maintain our ecosystem’s balance.

 A portion of each sale is donated to Planet Bee Foundation in effort to save the bees.

We support the SAVE THE BEES movement and so should you. Our ecosystem depends on it.

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