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Apple cider vinegar and raw honey is a mixture that combines two natural products with varied health benefits into one with unparalleled health benefits. In their individual forms both raw honey and apple cider vinegar boast of a variety of health benefits including: Apple Cider vinegar Improved digestion Relief from constipation A boost in energy levels increased concentration weight loss Raw Honey Treats and prevents inflammation Helps alleviate digestive problems Soothes a sore throat Rich in phytonutrients When these two natural substances are used together, they create a health force to be reckoned, with in terms of the health benefits. When used on a daily basis, this mix has the ability to change the overall quality of your life. How...

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Bee Pollen and Raw Honey Blend. What is it?

Bee pollen and raw honey blend are a healthy food.  As individual ingredients, they each constitute great therapeutic and medicinal properties.   As a result of their nutritional properties, the two serve as great food ingredients.  But the combination of both bee pollen and Honey creates a new delicacy that surpasses all other foods in many ways.  It can be referred to as a super food, if the nutritional content of each of the ingredients has to be taken into consideration.   Raw honey has been a food type that has been used by humans for many decades.  Honey preserves better than any other type of food there is.  Besides this ability to store naturally, raw honey contains enzymes and nutrients with...

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Huge Benefits of Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is distinct for being a seasonal kind of honey. The flowers of the tupelo gum tree bloom for only three weeks every year. Also called Queen Honey, this honey is found in river basin areas of Florida – Apalachicola and Chipola. This article will provide insight into the many benefits of tupelo honey.    What is Tupelo Honey? Tupelo honey is farmed in the Florida panhandle, on the tupelo gum tree. The flowers of this tree, especially the white and green blossoms which the bees feed on, often require very good weather. They bloom within three weeks and harvest lasts for a brief period. In a year, harvest may occur just once or twice, leaving farmers with only one...

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7 Surprising Benefits of Orange Blossom Raw Honey

All You Need to Know About Orange Blossom Raw Honey Orange blossom raw honey, also known as citrus honey, is the honey derived from beehives in the citrus groves. When bees collect pollen from these citric flowers, this honey is produced. This is one beneficial and mouth-watering substance. Its color is mainly golden brown and is often used in perfumes, desserts, brownies, teas, and liquor. The orange blossom raw honey is one tasty and healthy alternative for people with sweet tooth. It is highly beneficial for the body. Its benefits are as follows: Germicidal-this honey possesses major antimicrobial qualities which can be utilized in many ways. It can be applied to rashes, acne, and pimples. It is also used to cure...

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7 Health Benefits of Our Bee Pollen & Honey Blend

Bee pollen mixed with raw honey is one delicacy that offers many astounding therapeutic benefits. From the heart of Florida, we present one of the most exciting blends of raw honey and bee pollen. We nurture our bees and harvest honey with very limited artificial processing. Without heating or filtering, we are able to deliver one of the finest grades of raw honey. What you get from Florida’s finest bee pollen and honey is a product that is fortified with essential ingredients and nutrients for that inimitable taste of matchless quality that invigorates your body and overall health. Florida’s finest bee pollen and honey blend is not just a mere task or operation but a culture that is driven by...

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