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Florida's Finest Raw Honey with organic honey with its best health benefits. Savannah bee company is our neighbor. Tupelo honey is in high demand now, it's benefits for diabetics are strong with its low glycemic index.

100% raw Honey from the hive to your kitchen table

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Raw organic honey is a healing home remedy honey. We sell: tupelo, buckwheat, clover, orange blossom, manuka honey, raw honey comb and # 1 Superfood bee pollen. Bee good to your body and health!

100% raw Honey from the hive to your kitchen table

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Discover The Hidden Treasures Of Raw Honey

Top Sellers

Orange Blossom Honey:  Sweet and citrusy!  Boost energy and strengthen immunity!

 BPH Power:  Maximize your health in one step a day!  Protein, amino acids, B-vitamins, enzymes and minerals!  A natural supplement to supercharge your body!

 Avocado Honey:  Rich in flavor, loaded with antioxidants, great remedy for a dry cough or sore throat.

Nature's Healthiest Sugar Alternative

No empty calories! 

Natural honey is loaded with  antioxidants, live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. 

Mother Natures' #1 sugar substitute.

Simply Healthy Honeys

Orange Blossom Honey:

This citrusy sweet treat is an awesome natural sugar substitute.  Sweeten up a cup of your favorite  organic green tea, coffee or protein smoothie.  Need energy? - Orange blossom will give you the extra boost without the crash!  Excellent to have prior to a vigorous workout.

Wildflower Honey: 

Allergies?  Wildflower raw honey may help combat those pesky seasonal allergies.  This raw honey has many different pollens and varies in taste and color from season to season.  Not only is it your allergy shield, it may help to reduce inflammation and support a healthy digestive system.

Gallberry Honey:

Looking for a honey low on the glycemic index?  Gallberry raw honey is comparable to Tupelo raw honey at a lower cost.  Not only is it low on the glycemic index, it's loaded with live enzymes and pollen.  An excellent honey to use in healthy recipes from marinades to baked goods.  

Saw Palmetto Honey:

A great raw honey to use in seafood and chicken recipes.   Raw saw palmetto  honey is an excellent honey to have on hand when looking for a natural remedy.  It may help with acne breakouts as well as dry skin patches due to eczema.  Looking to boost your libido?  This raw honey may help! 

Avocado Honey:

Rich in color and flavor, raw avocado honey is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Great to use when battling an upper respiratory infection, sore throat and dry cough.  Introduce raw avocado honey into your daily diet to help boost immunity and  fight against free radicals.

Tupelo Honey

Truly a sweet treasure from the Florida Panhandle.  Raw tupelo honey is known for having high fructose and low a glucose ratio, it will not crystalize.  It also can be considered diabetic friendly.  

Bee Pollen Granules

Bee Pollen has been known to help fight against seasonal allergies.  Not only can it help keep allergies at bay, bee pollen is loaded with essential live enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and plant based protein.  Naturally strengthen your immune system and  boost energy.

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